Solomon Algazi is a nationally recognized credit education expert and the president and founder of Credit Servicez. He has spent more than 20 years in financial services, but his unique and extensive knowledge of credit education is the result of over 10 years spent in the mortgage and title insurance industries, where he helped thousands of consumers combat their own personal credit problems, giving hope to those who felt their situation was hopeless.

Solomon is a highly sought after speaker and trainer who has learned firsthand the inner workings of the collection agencies, credit card companies, and credit reporting agencies. He is recognized as America’s premier credit specialist and has garnered the attention of the country’s biggest banks and recognized lenders, who often employ him to teach their customers how to read and understand credit. His reputation as “the man to call” has resulted in invitations to share his expertise at credit seminars and interviews nationwide. His long list of clients includes hundreds of lenders, auto dealerships, insurance brokers, and small business owners all seeking his expertise on their clients’ or their own personal credit problems.

Solomon’s vast experience and knowledge of how credit works led him to found Credit Servicez, a company whose mission is to help consumers restore their credit and teach them every aspect of the credit restoration process. There may be hundreds of so-called “credit experts” out there, but only a few of them could actually TEACH others what they know, and only a few have the ability, empathy, and determination to educate the public.

Solomon insists that anyone can increase his or her credit score with a little guidance, as long as he or she does not set out to defraud creditors and others to whom money is owed. He was recently quoted as saying, “If you know what steps to take to restore your credit, you will regain your financial independence. It’s that simple!”

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Our mission

To provide industry leading Credit Education & Repair , Debt negotiation and award winning customer service to help consumers give their life…the credit it deserves…

  • Full credit report audits—
  • Qualify for Lower interest rates on Credit Cards & Loans
  • Get approved for higher limits
  • Easier approval for rental houses & apartments
  • Better Auto Insurance rates
  • Avoid Security Deposits
  • Better Auto Insurance rates
  • Sleep better at night

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