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Over 80 million Americans have bad credit.

It can happen to anyone – your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. It can happen to you – if it hasn’t already. “KNOWLEDGE”, not wealth, is the only thing that will prevent you from having bad credit. Learn the secrets that lenders and collection agencies dont want you to know! Our credit education video series covers every aspect of credit scoring:

Feeling hounded or hassled? Tired of the shame and humiliation that comes with being turned down for a loan or credit card? Take the pressure off. Learn how to deal with delinquencies, collections, charge-offs, judgments, liens and much much more!

The more you understand credit scoring, the more you can control and improve your credit score. We’ll teach you about credit score components, the perfect mix of credit, and the utmost importance of debt ratio, inquiries into your credit, and the age of your credit file.

Trying to improve your financial situation through debt settlement, loan modification, bankruptcy, credit repair or a short sale? Your credit problems didn’t happen overnight and they certainly wont be solved overnight. Changing your credit score takes time and effort – if someones offering you a quick fix, let us fill you in on the inside story before you sign on the dotted line……

Your credit score is one of the most important things in your life… that you don’t know nearly enough about. Through our credit videos, you’ll recognize how your credit score can affect your opportunities for employment, your ability to qualify for a mortgage, student loans, auto loans, and business credit.

Learn how to build your credit, get your credit report, separate fact from fiction when it comes to credit score myths, and protect yourself from identity theft. And know this – being married doesn’t mean youre safe – find out why couples and credit don’t necessarily mix.

25 videos, over 200 topics, a lifetime of knowledge… with patience, determination, and, most of all, a smart credit education, you can learn exactly what you need to become credit healthy. Click here to learn exactly what you’ll get when you purchase our Credit Education Video Series.


About Solomon Algazi

Solomon Algazi is a nationally recognized credit education expert and the president and founder of Credit Servicez. He has spent more than 20 years in financial services, but his unique and extensive knowledge of credit education is the result of over 10 years spent in the mortgage and title insurance industries, where he helped thousands of consumers combat their own personal credit problems, giving hope to those who felt their situation was hopeless.

Solomon is a highly sought after speaker and trainer who has learned firsthand the inner workings of the collection agencies, credit card companies, and credit reporting agencies.

What We Offer!

Your credit scores are living, changing things that fluctuate with every financial move you make. You can’t afford not to learn more about the three-digit numbers that can alter the quality of your daily life… Read More

Looking for a keynote speaker for your credit seminar? A small business consultant? In-house training? Solomon Algazi is the credit education expert to call. He travels nationwide to deliver his credit training seminars… Read More

When you request your credit report, you expect that report to contain up-to-the-minute information about your credit scores. While every credit report will have the most recent details about your financial history… Read More

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